I have spent about the last ten years of my life on the search for the perfect man. I was an idealist, a romantic; I believed he was out there. I don’t believe that anymore. Call me jaded, pessimistic, or downright cynical, but I honestly don’t believe in perfection at all.

The root of the human condition is in our flawed nature; we are imperfect beings. While I do think that Mcdreamy and I would get along just fine, I feel like after a while. his stubble would start to bother me, and I mean, really, he was a neurosurgeon, so that God complex probably gets out of hand from time to time. See, even the characters who are meant to be perfect, aren’t.

So now I’ve been thinking about what level of imperfection is acceptable. I mean, if someone doesn’t make you miserable, is that enough? What I do know, with absolute certainty, is that you can’t expect one person to be everything you need them to be. It’s not fair to them, or to you, because you will always end up being disappointed. So what is too little? And what if it’s too late when you realize it? How does a person manage their feelings about their partner, while remaining level headed, without being overly cynical?

My best friend told me that I’m right, that there’s no such thing as the perfect man, but that I should be with someone who is almost perfect. I think even that sounds a bit idealized. So am I supposed to settle for “alright” or should I risk it and try to find a partner that is a bit closer to perfect? A partner, in the very definition of the word, someone who I can work through life with, together.

But hey, I’m not perfect either.



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