Working Walks.

I went for a walk alone tonight to clear my head. It is a beautiful fall evening and I left just as the sun was setting, the autumn air crisp and refreshing. I walked the way I usually do, my particular route that I like to walk or jog whenever I see fit. I was trying to clear my head to write, not this, but papers I have due in the coming days.

Instead I started thinking about this walk, and how it was something I really enjoyed doing, just for me and no one else. I thought about how it might be nicer sharing it with someone else, but then I realized that what I liked about it was that it was my walk, something I had all to myself. Sometimes the things that are special are only special to you, and that’s okay.

It made me think that no matter what happens with all of this mess, the papers, the drama, the walking, that I will be okay. I can walk alone, both in a literal and metaphorical sense, and I can keep going. I have a direction, a path that I like, and I’ve got two working feet to get me to where ever I need to go. I’ll be okay.