Quit it.


How can I foster a healthy life with the deep rooted anxieties that plague our entire society? 

There is no doubt in my mind any more that I have the capacity to be happy. This is something new to me: knowing that my life has the potential to go where I want it to and that, I too, can feel fulfilled each and everyday. Why then, do I feel a constant nagging worry, that I could be happier, that things could be better, that I am not the best that I can be right now?

I can feel these problematic thoughts slowly seeping their way into my relationship and creating cracks. They are cracks that only I can see, essentially a part of my own imagination, but still threatening to tear down the very foundations of this happy, healthy life I have been trying so hard to maintain. The more time I spend thinking about it the more I can’t help but to feel that these anxieties are perhaps instinctual, telling me to run while I still can.

Or maybe they are just that, anxieties, fears, obsession with what I cannot control. While I cannot claim to be able to just let go, I can try my hardest to focus my energy in other places. Imagine things the way I want them to turn out, and then, maybe, I will be able to hold onto my happiness rather than my fear.


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