I Need a Vacation.

I don’t know what’s important to me anymore. I was on my feet, finally, standing tall like we’re supposed to. And then I met a boy and now I just don’t know anymore. Priorities shift and our perception of the world changes. All because of one single human. One single human who can make the choice to just stomp in and out of our life, like a tourist and I was the main attraction.
You’ll show people the souvenirs from your trip to my life for the next few weeks, but eventually they’ll slip into the back of your closet, forgotten and collecting dust. Because that’s all I really was at the end of it: a little vacation. Eventually you had to go back home to your life; too bad I felt at home for the first time in months with you.
It’s never ending; I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it again- everybody is hurting and everyone is hurting someone.


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