This is something I shouldn’t admit- but sometimes when I really miss you I go back and read all of our text messages from the very beginning. It takes a long time just to scroll up and even longer to read all of them. I laugh and smile a lot, and cry even more. Sometimes it’s happy tears, reading something you said that is so sweet and sincere that it melts my heart all over again, but mostly I feel a great sense of loss.

I don’t like feeling wrong- I read those messages and still feel like we really had something good. I was wrong again I suppose. At a certain point it’s hard to keep passing the blame; I’m the common denominator in all of my failed relationships. It’s easy to say that I’m so amazing and all these guys are blind, stupid, asshole, idiots: but is that really true?

I read our messages over and over again. I cry because I can feel the loss every time. I was wrong, and this time being right actually mattered.


2 thoughts on “Wrong(ed)

  1. Such a personal admission that I can actually really relate to!

    I’ve just started writing my own short stories based on really personal past experiences. I’d be interested to hear your feedback, if you have the time to give it : )

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