Small Things.

When we live our lives constantly waiting in fear for the next bad thing to come we always expect it. Yes, maybe we don’t get our hopes up and when something disappointing happens we can say, “Oh it’s okay, I saw it coming.” But while we wait with anxiety building in our hearts, we also miss all the good stuff along the way. Because in between each bad thing there’s stuff to take pleasure in, or at least notably okay things.

What I’m tired of, and I mean truly exhausted of, is making myself feel small because it’s easier. I’ve spent years pushing myself down because it was easier to say, “Oh ya, I don’t like that about me either.” than to declare that I thought I had something truly worth bragging about. I have spent my 21 years thinking that pleasing others and being humble was more important than loving myself. Do you know where that left me? It left me alone, totally alone, without anyone to tell me how great I am, not even myself.

So at the end of the day what matters now is being able to say, “You know, today was okay and so am I”.


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