Monthly Archives: October 2014

Ways to be Okay.

1. Treat yourself with kindness and patience. It’s okay to not be okay, give yourself space to feel. Feel things, acknowledge why you feel them and then move forward.

2. Allow your laundry to pile up and the dust to collect. It’s okay for your room to be messy when your mind is a mess too. Embrace the moment when you finally feel like cleaning, but don’t be embarrassed that it will probably take a while.

3. When you feel good, feel good. Don’t sit and think about all the reasons to be sad- ride out the happy feeling, get together with your friends and laugh.

4. When you feel bad, feel bad. Don’t try to force yourself to be happy if you’re not, but also don’t wallow in self loathing for too long. Get together with your friends and cry, cry until you can laugh.

5. Make decisions. Don’t allow yourself to stay in a place of uncertainty for too long. Get dressed and do something.

6. Do what makes you happy. If it’s binge watching tv on Netflix and eating a bunch of junk food today, then do it. The art gallery will still be there tomorrow. The movie will still be playing next week. Do what feels good right now.

7. Forgive yourself. We are flawed fucked up people and so far from perfect that it makes pluto feel close. Forgive yourself because if you can’t, then who will?

8. Try not to hold grudges. You know what they say- holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

9. Don’t feel lame because you don’t feel like going out. Your friends will understand, and if they don’t then they aren’t your friends. Just make sure to be understanding with them too. You need to be a friend to have friends.

10. Remember to breathe. The world is a big place and things can sometimes feel insurmountable, but what I’ve learned is that no matter how dark it gets– the sun will always rise again tomorrow.