Holding On & Letting Go.

Relationships change you. Even if it’s in little, insignificant ways- we are changed by the people that come in and out of our lives. Although I am speaking of romantic relationships in this instance, all of them change us. Friends, family, even ones that aren’t our own relationships. My parents rocky relationship has changed me and shaped who I am; it has created some of my good qualities and a lot of my not so good ones.

We take little pieces of people that matter to us and carry them around with us forever. I used to sleep with two pillows, but now I sleep with four. Our expectations change from love interest to love interest- we become more particular, having weeded out the things we don’t like in the last one we know what we want better the next time around. Does what we take and what we leave behind hold any real significant meaning, or is it just simply “what stuck” versus what didn’t?

So we sit in our stupid chairs (You know the one that he didn’t want to buy but you insisted on and ended up being really uncomfortable but you took it anyways to prove a point? Ya that one), and write long blog entries when we should be sleeping. You let certain things eat at you, while the others are fading away or already gone. Some of these things might ache for the rest of your life, while some you may forget completely.

So what does it say about us: the things we choose to carry and the things we choose to let go?


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