I was thinking about how some things matter and others don’t, but it’s impossible to tell the difference in the moment. Walking up the stairs to my apartment it smelled weird; sweaty and musty, like the inside of a rubber glove. I realize this doesn’t matter, I will probably never reflect on it again, but as I was walking up the stairs I felt like I had to pin point the exact thing that it smelled like.

I have a pain in my side, and at this moment it feels like a big thing, but I imagine that by tomorrow it won’t mean anything to me anymore. Or maybe, it will be an even bigger thing. Maybe I have appendicitis and I’ll end up in the hospital.

What matters today, will it matter tomorrow? If it matters tomorrow, will it matter next week? If it matters next week, will it matter next month? If it matters next month, will it matter next year? If the answer is no, stop worrying. If the answer is no, change something, do something different.

But how are you supposed to know?


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