I’ve been thinking a lot about retribution lately. Paying for our mistakes and making others pay for theirs. But the thing about retribution is that more often than not we pay for the mistakes of others and make them pay for ours. Humans are fickle selfish beings.

I don’t know what it is about this meek persona I’ve given myself in recent months, but I sit here all the time and wonder why this has happened to me; why the world keeps piling on when I am already not handling things as it is. Maybe I’m just paying for someone elses mistakes. Maybe someone out there somewhere just broke their toe because I told a lie to a friend today.

Is there really such a thing as karmic retribution or does the universe not give a shit about our problems and want us to take things into our own hands? Because if so, I may have to lay some crazy ass biting karma on a certain heartbreaking ex. 

Just something to think about.


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