I know the perfect things to say. It is my writers brain. I am constantly thinking of the best way to word things and the responses that they will illicit. It’s like a movie constantly speeding through my head.

Me: It hurts because I still love you, because I want to be your girlfriend still.

Him: I… I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it would bother you so much. I will tell them no.

Me: You don’t…

Him: No. You’re right. I was being selfish. I’m sorry.

Me: Okay…

Him: And Megan, I still want those things too.


The problem is, I’m the only one with the script.


One thought on “Scripted.

  1. I love this.. it’s exactly what I do. I’m my own narrator for the movie reel of my life. It’s nuts 🙂

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