Megan is Forced to Write.

I am currently trying to write an essay on the novel Ravensong by Lee Maracle. It is funny to me how trying to get me to write a paper is like pulling teeth, I would literally rather clean my entire apartment than do it. I actually almost decided to hand it in late, so I could just avoid doing it for one more day.

But then I come on here and I could write posting after posting and never feel the ache of obligation. I love to write, but if you make me do it I hate it. Even my article writing class which I enjoy immensely has started to feel like a chore. I don’t learn with deadlines.

What I do with deadlines is leave it until the last possible second, produce barely mediocre work, and don’t learn any sort of lesson about procrastination or the value of hard work, but rather that the education system I have been subjected to my entire life is stifling. And I know, Oh poor pitiful me, getting a college education and not caring about it. But really, I know I’m not alone in this.

Expectation versus reality- our expectations are always far too high, aren’t they?


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