Megan Doesn’t Do Priorities

I will suddenly accomplish that thing I’ve been meaning to do for months the moment that I have a dozen other more important things to be done.

Example: I bought a bedroom set from Ikea in October and put it all together slowly, leaving the bed for last. Once I started to put the bed together I realized that it was missing the wood slats and the metal support beam. I was angry at Ikea and had a half put together bed frame. I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since then, putting off going to Ikea since it is about an hour bus ride away and then it would be a $40 cab ride back. But today, I went. Today, I spent a solid four hours (including transport) in my Ikea endeavor. But, tomorrow I have a 1200 word paper due and a communications presentation to prepare for as well as a great deal of reading to do for English. But no, I finally went to Ikea instead of properly prioritizing like a real adult.

So, now I am sitting at home, doing this instead of working on my paper. I don’t even know what prioritizing is at this point and I wouldn’t be surprised if I am up until 3am trying to put my bed frame together.




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