Megan Listens

I wrote yesterday about praying to God for some sort of answer, and yesterday on my bus ride I feel like I sort of got one. I was listening to music and absently staring out the window. I wasn’t really hearing or seeing anything in particular. I was making observations about the people getting on and off the bus, something that I think every person is guilty of: staring. I was wondering about my personal situation and feeling rather sorry for myself, something that, again, I think everyone is guilty of.

Suddenly the music in my ears rose to my consciousness, and the lyric, I’m the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved stuck out to me and it felt like a divine answer of some sort. Or perhaps the opposite. I smiled briefly to myself and then played the song over again.

Here it is for your listening pleasure.

It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright


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